Sunday, April 17, 2016

That female dog

It is that time again.

Time to start blogging again.

I am being over-active in social-media and whatsapp group and I can feel my ‘bitchy’ side clawing her way out.

 The bad news is, she is almost out!

I can feel my ‘bitchiness’ level rising and I really don’t want that!

It started when I have this ‘friend’.

She complains every hour for every single day.

I am at a point where I can’t tolerate negative people because I am pretty negative myself. I just hope that my negativity doesn’t affect other people as I am trying my best to hide it and becoming more positive.

Maybe that is why I simply can’t stand her. Her complains drives me mad every time. It comes to the point that I react to her negativity with negativity as well. My compassion has gone. Totally gone when it comes to her.

shoot bitch
die b**** die!

Oh well...that is why I decided to start blogging again. So I won’t spend that much time on other media.

so here we are….we will talk about pretty stuff and parenting and breastfeeding and childbirth and the amazingness of pregnancy and such!

Take a ride with me! :D

happy baby

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Nowadays, with the ‘information at your fingertips’, it is so easy to gain information…

Information is merely information. I guess that is why so many netizen are being mislead by the information. Whatever…I am not here to preach about netizen and the keyboard warrior and such.

When I was pregnant, I read everything about childbirth! Every single thing except one… ceaser! I was so determined about having a natural childbirth, I refuse to even think about it. I read about epidurals and such...not because I intend to have them, but because I want to let my body know that having epidural is one way to jeopardize my natural childbirth. Alhamdulillah I was blessed to have a natural childbirth…
But at the same time, in the farthest corner of my heart and mind, I remind myself that if I have to be operated, I will accept it with and open mind… but only if I have to!

I read and when my son was born, I asked the nurse if I am doing it right…I asked several of them because I can see the doubt in their if they are not sure….should have asked for a lactation consult! Isk…
But I went home and I read some more… I was surrounded with people who are breastfeeding their child… I joined the breastfeeding group…
Even now I am still reading and learning about breastfeeding. I learn about my body…about how if I didn’t eat rice the night before, I will be in trouble the next day. I learned that if I drink enough water, eat sensibly and pump on time, I am close to be one of these oversupply mom (but nope…I don’t want that!)

Everything else.
It is the same with everything else. Learn and learn some more. How hard could it be? Ask around. Read books and not some bogus online article! Get reliable sources.

Surround yourself with negative thinking and you will fail even before you start.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Do we love ourselves enough?

As I was driving home yesterday, I was trying to come up with a plan on how to lose some weight before I become overweight.

Before I knew it, my mind wonders into something else… I asked myself, do I love myself enough?

Do I love myself enough?

If I do, then why am I not taking a better care of myself?

I started to come up with a conclusion, family with happier and healthier wife/moms, last longer. They are happier and healthier as well.

It is true what they keep on repeating in Rio 2, ‘happy wife, happy life’.

I am generally happy. I am in love and I love my small family.

But who am I kidding? Who am I lying to as I ignored my health? As I ignored the fact that I haven’t lose any weight since I gave birth to prince a year ago.

As I was chasing the ball with him the other day, I can feel my ankle ‘moaning’ in pain due to my weight.

When I saw my own picture, I saw a tired person, unhealthy even, with her chubby cheeks (and it is not even cute!)

How can I be healthy when I weight this much?

Oh if only you guys know how much I’ve suffered due to this!

Friday, August 14, 2015

mumble shuvvle

Jom update blog sebelum blog ini menjadi padang jarak padang terkukurrrr

1-     Ada org kata, minum susu lembu, kita akan dapat DNA lembu, jd kita akan jadi pemarah. ehmmm….memang dalam islam jelas dikatakan, we are what we eat…..tapi agak2la kak oiii…. totally disagree with how she explains it. If it is that easy to transfer DNA, then we will have millions of XMEN…you know, the mutated human being!

2-     I am still bfing prince! yeayyyyyyyy……why do I need to share it?! because it is hard work!!! and because august is world breastfeeding month and because it is my blog!

3-     My battle with my weight is never-ending issue. I miss the normal weight me. I have never been skinny and I will never be skinny. but I am so tired physically and mentally of being overweight! when will this end?!

4-     Ada org kata, dia dapat duit derma berbilion2 …ehmmmmm….whatever. I am done judging you. Pemimpin yg kejam akan di adili di akhirat kelak. eh noooo….i am not saying that our pemimpin is cruel…I am just saying, ‘ pemimpin yang kejam akan di adili di akhirat kelak.’
that’s it…hehe….too many things on my mind….and I just cant arrange them in words…its all mumble shuvvle in my head…..

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UTC - Urban Transformation Center

pusat lalalalalala
berkhidmat UNTUK rakyat!

Sekiranya buat mykid d JPN (jabatan pendaftaran negara), mengambil masa 1-2 hari untuk siap. Halangan terbesar untuk pergi ke JPN di sini, parking! Not to mention the distance from parking to the building itself.

Then they build UTC. The building is so pretty, expensive (well…it looks expensive)…tiles and all…fully air-conditioned. The carpark is nearby. With elevators! The design is so modern and airy and impressive. So we were excited to go there. After all, the distance between JPN itself and UTC here is about 10-15mins of driving.

Tetapi…tetapi…sekiranya buat mykid di cawangan JPN di UTC, mengambil masa 3 bulan utk siap!

  • JPN di UTC tiada mesin pencetak mykid.
  • Borang mykid yg di hantar ke JPN di UTC akan di hantar ke Kuala Lumpur untuk di proses.

Sebab itulah kami mengambil masa 3bulan untuk menyiapkan mykid encik!

My question is,
  •       Why can’t they afford their own printing machine in UTC?!
  •       Why can’t they simply use JPN in Kuching to process all the forms HENCE shorten the period?! (not to mention the financial cost of sending the documents to Kuala Lumpur….labour cost, time cost!?! )

I don’t know how efficient other department in UTC is but this definitely ruin my expectation!

And as always, you guys are wasting our money! 
We are paying everything yet the service still S*U*C*K*S!